Webcam hangs at "environment check"

If your webcam hangs at the "environment check" step, it may be due to identity management security programs running on your computer.

Such software uses the webcam with facial recognition for password management. Our testing shows it will interfere with Respondus Monitor. In many cases, these programs may allow the initial steps of the pre-exam webcam check to operate normally, and then cause interference during the "environment check" step.

The most common of these programs include McAfee True key (identified as "McAfee.TrueKey.Service.exe" in the computer's process list) and SensibleVision FastAccess.

In order to determine whether you have such software installed on your computer, you can click on "Help Center" in the LockDown Browser toolbar, then click on "Run System Check". In the report that is produced, look in the process list for any identity management programs you may have running.

Such software will need to disabled or removed prior to starting LockDown Browser.