How much bandwidth is required for the webcam to work properly?

Generally speaking, if the user has a decent broadband connection that doesn’t result in significant delays when accessing the learning system, the bandwidth will be fine for Respondus Monitor. If using a shared Internet connection, students should ensure that others on the same connection don’t use bandwidth-hungry services during the exam (such as online movies, games, file sharing, etc.).

Below are some tips to help ensure the best results:

* If possible, plug an Ethernet cable into the computer to ensure the best possible network connection/speed. Otherwise, be as close to the Wi-Fi router as possible.

* Shut down all other applications other than LockDown Browser. This will help reduce the bandwidth being used by other applications running in the background.

* Avoid repeated saving of questions. A request is sent to the LMS every time a question is saved. If there are lots of these in a short time and the student doesn't have a lot of bandwidth, it's possible that all those requests will consume all the available bandwidth. This could result in a video interruption.