Facial Detection Failing

To improve the quality of your video and experience success during the facial detection step, we recommend the following:

* If you are wearing eyeglasses, try removing them temporarily as reflection in the lenses can sometimes cause issues.
* Don't cover your face with your hand.
* Don't wear sunglasses, baseball caps, or hats with brims.
* Try adjusting your position, the camera angle, or the lighting.
* Avoid backlighting and ensure there's enough light on your face.
* If you're on a Windows 10 computer, be sure no automatic updates are running in the background as this can interfere not only with facial detection, but other parts of the Monitor startup sequence. To perform this check:
  1) Exit LockDown Browser
  2) Type "update" in the Windows search field in lower left of your Windows taskbar

If the problem persists, try using an external USB webcam, a a different WiFi network, and if necessary, a different computer.

If you experience an error that reads "your face isn't showing clearly in the video," it may be related to the available memory on your computer. Please see this article for help.