Using Multiple Language Keyboards With LockDown Browser

You can use a variety of language keyboards within a LockDown Browser exam.

Step 1: In Windows, navigate to: Control Panel->Clock, Language and Region-> Change Keyboards

Windows Control Panel

Step 2: Select “Change Keyboards” and then add your desired keyboards.

Select “Change Keyboards”

Add Keyboard

Select Keyboard Language

Step 3: Now that you’ve selected your keyboard, click on the “Advanced Key Settings” tab.

Advanced Key Settings

You’ll likely see that no key sequences exist for your designated keyboards. Highlight the desired keyboard, then click on the “Change Key Sequence” button.

Change Key Sequence Button

Step 4: Select a key sequence for each keyboard you desire to use in LockDown Browser. For this example, the English keyboard will have CTRL+1 designated.

Select a Key Sequence

The Russian keyboard will have CTRL+2 designated

Key Sequence For Russian Keyboard

Step 5: Apply your keyboards and Key Sequences

Apply Button

Once you are in LockDown Browser, you can use those key sequences “on the fly” to switch back and forth between keyboard languages.

Essay Question

For Mac users, similar functionality is available.

Yes, you can set something up similar on a Mac. Some general instructions are here:
The article (which is not from us) is basically correct even though the System Preferences->Keyboard has changed somewhat with Yosemite and El Capitan. Also the “keyboard switching shortcuts” are now “option-space” and “shift-option-space”. But they can be easy changed to any other key combination.

For iPad, you can use the "on screen" keyboard. There is a “globe” key that allows switching.
Here's a short video:

With Bluetooth hardware keyboards attached to the iPad, it will depend the keyboard from the vendor, as not all include a “world” key for keyboard switching. As with Macs and Windows, the student will need to define the different keyboards first in Settings->General->Keyboard->”Keyboards”->”Add New Keyboard…”